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Wildlife Park Eekholt

Are you looking for elephants? You will not find any elephants or lions here: Wildlife Park Eekholt is dedicated to the presentation of local animals in their natural habitat.

Spanning about 67 hectares, the park offers a variety of discrete landscapes including bogs, wetlands, coniferous and deciduous wooded forests. The "Osterau", a naturally winding creek with alder-lined banks, flows through grassland and pasture. Each of the various areas presents its typical plants, insects, birds and mammals and, thus, demonstrates a different ecosystem.

Enjoy more than 700 animals representing about one hundred different species: you will meet small animals like ants or bees as well as birds, martens, wolves, deer and many, many others. With few exceptions, all these animals are indigenous to Germany or became domestic long ago. Besides wild boars, bees or moor land sheep, you will meet rare species like white-furred red deer as well as endangered species like the great bustard or otters. You can watch free-flying performances of birds of prey or the feeding of otter, wolves and tree-martens. Children can enter a "touch"-area with pygmy goats or can enjoy the adventure-playground. Throughout the year, we feature attractive special events (please refer to separate listing).

Founded in 1970 by Dr.hc. H.-H. Hatlapa and his wife Theda, Wildlife Park Eekholt is still privately run and not state-owned. The intention of the park is to convey awareness for the ecological dependence of plants, animals and humans: this conception is based on the persuasive power of nature's beauty. Diagrams and exhibitions assist in understanding the roles of each plant or animal in the ecological balance.

The "Wildlife Park School", a regional environmental education centre, puts special emphasis on children and students. Guided by teachers, the basic concept of evoking commitment to nature is communicated by playing and close contact to animals in the park. Children's groups, school or kinder garden classes can book single educational units as well as one of the three cabins for a longer stay in the park.

For your personal comfort, our restaurant will serve you local dishes and snacks. In addition, several BBQ-sites are available for your convenience (to be booked in advance).

Enjoy your stay!

How to find us.

You can download our english imageflyer (PDF, 531 KB).

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